If you're looking for a server, make sure cloud options have been exhausted.  A server is really just a computer with a special kind of operating system.  This usually means you have lots of data that needs to be accessed by lots of people.  With servers you can:



  • Gives you physical control over your backup.

  • Keeps critical data in-house. No third party has access

         to your information.

  • No need to rely on an Internet connection for access to


  • Run your own custom apps

  • Host your website or emails


  • Requires a capital investment in hardware and infrastructure.

  • Needs space in your office for a rack or server room/closet, in addition to dedicated IT support.

  • May be more susceptible to data loss during disaster situations due to its in-house location. How often you take the data offsite will reflect how much data you’ll lose in an emergency.

  • No uptime or recovery time guarantees.

Servers eventually become a necessity in any small business.  All the data your company has been collecting needs to be stored somewhere and easily accessible.  The more data you are storing and the more you need to access it - the more robust a server must be.  However we have found that most small businesses can get along just fine using PC's as servers.  


Storage- although a backup is always recommended, your server will be able to hold all your company's data.

Hosting- allows you to host web apps, email & FTP configurations (File Transfer Protocols).  Access your data from anywhere in the world! 

Security- assign login credentials to users so that sensitive information can be protected.

host your own website and emails

Ustilize custom apps 

Mobile technologies are getting faster, better and cheaper.  Syncing data from the field, warehouse or yard has never been easier.  We see mobile computing as a severely underrated capability largely squandered by most companies.  Learning how to utilize mobile devices can have profound effects on workflow, budgets and efficiency.


Packages include bulk purchases and programming

Technical support


Our free consultations are meant to assess a client's needs and design a system that is built for the purpose.  Resolution, storage, compression rates and installation are just a few of the variables to consider.  We'll make sure to go over all the details and look at multiple vendors when selecting components to ensure that we are acquiring the best devices.   








Pan Tilt Zoom



Point of Sale systems are usually integrated with an inventory system to maximize efficiency.  These devices and software have changed a lot over the years.  Programs can now be downloaded on tablets and smartphones, erasing the need for elaborate equipment.  Larger companies can enjoy increased functionality and a straightforward user experience in the new more robust systems.  


POS and Inventory Systems are specialized according to industry.  We work with:


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We offer our clients the most up to date technology solutions available on the market today.  Our custom hardware is built to order, providing budget flexibility with superior performance.   software to freeware and      ehrewhwerhgwregwgw

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